to the website of the World Cat Federation eV

The World Cat Federation eV, just WCF, is an international association of cat clubs, which is registered in Germany. There are 370 organizations worldwide associated to WCF. President is currently Anneliese Hackmann from Essen. The WCF has been successfully working on the development of animal protection laws in European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The WCF allows the breeders of affiliated clubs to register their kennel names internationally. They created standards for pedigreed cats of which she has currently published 61. The WCF trains judges for exhibitions and organizes the examines. The WCF has established exhibition rules that determine both the sequence of an exhibition, and the division of the cats in separate classes. Generally, the WCF is designed to promote international contacts of the cat clubs affiliated. Our new logo depicts the six continents on which the WCF has members. The rain-bowcoloured continents are framed by our premise.  

The rainbow is a symbolic bridge between the 6 continents on which the WCF is established. It signifies acceptance of the diversity of life together with the common bond of love of cats. That is what makes the WCF so special.

The Board
The Board of WCF consists of the president, the secretary general and the treasurer.
The Extended Board consists of the two vice-presidents. The WCF has various Commissions.
Executive committee: The Board

Anneliese Hackmann 
Geisbergstr. 2
D-45139 Essen
phone: +49-(0)-201-555 724 
fax: +49-(0)-201-552 747
email: wcf@wcf-online.de
General Secretary
Andreas Möbius
Hamburger Chaussee 23
D-16559 Neuholland-Liebenwalde (1)
mobile: +49-172-387 41 28
email: secretary.general@wcf-online.de
Temporary Treasurer
Klaas van der Wijk 
NL-1906 XE Limmen
phone: +31-72-505 47 57 
Email: treasurer@wcf-online.de
Extended Board

1st Vice-president
Paulo S. Ruschi
31-70 38th Street, Astoria  
US NY-11103 New York
fax:   +1-718-721 0939
email: psruschi@gmail.com
2nd Vice-president
Assistant for the areas of Russia, 
Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China
Tatjana Černova
Hapsalas 15-31
LV-1005 Riga
mobile: +371-291 234 30
email: mrscernova@inbox.lv
Chair persons of the Commissions
Disciplinary commission
Aleksander Cierpisz
(delegated by the Board)
PL-52-204 Wroclaw
phone: +48-664-80 35 03
email: wcf.disciplinary.commission@gmail.com
Show commission
Aija Nuke
Neretas 2-29 
LV-1004 Riga
phone: +371-2-940 74 04
email: aija.nuke@inbox.lv
Standard and Judges commission
Cornelia Hungerecker
Overbergstr. 34
D-45141 Essen
phone: +49-(0)-201-328 298
fax: +49-(0)177-732 82 98
email: WCF.Judges.Com@gmx.de
Licenses for exhibitions
Licenses for exhibitions for Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgisistan, Aserbaidschan
Marina Khodusova
Novosibirsk / Russla
mobile: +7-913-954 18 12
email:  wcf.show.license@gmail.com
Licenses for exhibitions for
all other countries Gisela Danisch
Tanja Krause
D-45139 Essen
phone: +49-151 165 869 88
email: wcf@wcf-online
Nicole Schäfer
D-45136 Essen